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The Passwordless Entrepreneur – Graeme Speak

Trellis' President of Private Transactions, Dennis Crowley, recently sat down with Graeme Speak, Founder and Head of US Operations for BankVault, a cyber technology innovator with solutions to secure user input, endpoints, identity and access management. Their largest product is MasterKey, which creates passwordless authentication for any website on the internet.

MasterKey and other passworldless solutions are harder to crack than traditional passwords and less prone to most cyberattacks. However, Graeme calls MasterKey the holy grail of passwordless authentication because it’s easier to use and implement, and up to 100 times faster to deploy than the existing systems.

Graeme has been a technologist and entrepreneur his entire career and built one of Australia’s most successful Application Service Providers (ASPs). He is an active mentor and participant in several start-up communities. Listen to the full podcast here: