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The Networking Entrepreneur – Brian C. Adams

Trellis' President of Private Transactions, Dennis Crowley, recently sat down with Brian C. Adams, President and Founder of Excelsior Capital, a real estate platform that provides exposure to direct co-investment opportunities.  

Excelsior Capital started out as a side hustle – a small real estate company that Brian ran while he worked as a lawyer. Although he had enjoyed law school, it turns out Brian didn’t like practicing law and knew he wanted to focus on real estate investing. His got a major break at the start when his father-in-law became his first client, investing $100,000 in the company and introducing him to three potential clients.

However, he attributes much of his company’s success with his perseverance and determination to keep the energy moving and momentum going. Brian worked extremely hard to perfect his networking game, forcing himself to hold meetings 12 hours a day and asking everyone he met: “who are three people I need to meet, and do you mind if I contact them and use your name?”

He got turned down a lot, but enough people said “yes” that what began as a passion project eventually turned into a thriving business with a robust network of investors. An important podcast for anyone who raises capital or is looking to do so, listen to Brian’s full story here: