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The Education Entrepreneur – Daniel Koffler

Trellis' President of Private Transactions, Dennis Crowley, recently sat down with Daniel Koffler, President and Founder of New Frontiers, an executive function coaching organization that is dedicated to helping their clients reach their full potential and goals through a collaborative, creative, and flexile coaching model.

Daniel explains that the term “executive function” as the company uses it means a set of cognitive skills and abilities that help people set goals, strategize to achieve those goals, adapt as needed, and persist until completion. Their clients run the gamut, from young children all the way up to adults, from individuals with special needs to business professionals.

Daniel says his company is driven by their core values and culture – a concept he initially found rather hokey until he realized the importance behind adhering to it. He believes that his team’s core values, which are creativity, personal development, empathy, authenticity, accountability, and integrity, define who they are as professionals and what they hope to build in each of their clients. Listen to the full podcast here: