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The Risk & Threat Entrepreneur – Brian Szady

Trellis' President of Private Transactions, Dennis Crowley, recently sat down with Brian Szady, Founder and CEO of ThreatMinder, an AI platform that offers professional services to help implement, operationalize, optimize, and fine-tune risk processes to help businesses of all sizes.

ThreatMinder takes the analog and digital data about a company and uses it to see where their risk is coming from and how that risk might affect their stability and growth. Brian explains that by monitoring how a company’s risk fluctuates, whether for the negative or positive, ThreatMinder can take that information and use it to help with a business’ onboarding processes, continuous evaluations, and regulatory and operational reviews.

Brian acknowledges that there’s always operational challenges in companies but believes that risk can also be viewed as opportunity for growth. Listen to the full podcast here: