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The Vodka Entrepreneurs – Fred Forsley and Sean Corbett

Trellis' President of Private Transactions, Dennis Crowley, recently sat down with Fred Forsley and Sean Corbett, the founders of Ice Pik Vodka, to talk about how their company’s motto – Work hard. Play hard – served them well as they grew a new brand during the pandemic.

Fred and Sean say that their brand is all about working hard and having fun in a casual and authentic way but is also committed to high-quality craftsmanship and great value to deliver top quality at a great price for all communities.

Fred and Sean are committed to ensuring their product not only remains 100% US-grown, but also supports local businesses. Because of that, Ice Pik is produced within the states they distribute it to, which grows a true community of people supporting their local businesses. In addition, since their vodka is 60% water, the company spends a lot of time to ensure the local water sources they use are Ph-balanced with a clean, crisp finish and is eight-times distilled. Listen to the full podcast here: